mòsso investigates and supports arts and cultures as part of public sphere and society at large. We believe arts and cultures can have a strong impact on daily life, in addition to the role and values they are granted in their specific cultural system. We work to improve attention to and quality of these practices (through education and support), to affirm the roles they are playing in community growth, and to use contemporary art as a tool of awareness is our main objective.

Being based in Brussels – the creole, multicultural capital of European Union – mòsso conceives, promotes and supports international projects where exchange, mobility and mutual interaction bring new perspectives on cultural and social challenges of contemporary world, in Europe as in the Global South.

We operate with a strong South-to-South perspective, connecting artistic practices and practitioners from the Global South. Mòsso cooperates with international organizations, artists, creative people, media, researchers, activists, hackers, providing contents and connections for creative multidisciplinary projects which have an impact in daily life. We organize workshops, curatorial projects, researches, talks, screenings, site specific interventions, residences.

Mòsso counts on an extensive network of artists, organizations, collectives, institutions, partners in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and the US. Our Network is our strength.

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