The international and Brussels-based team of mòsso.
An active platform of cultural producers, researchers and scholars focused on the Global South, its contemporary cultures and its modernities.

Lucrezia Cippitelli, scholar and cultural producer, educated as an art historian and active in the field of contemporary art at large. After a PhD and several site-specific projects developed in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, she is now the coordinator of a newly born MA in Arts at the Addis Ababa University. She focuses on artistic projects which connect the Global South through the arts and Brussels is the place for her.

Estelle Lecaille, art historian born in Valenciennes and based in Brussels. Former artistic director of aliceday gallery in Brussels and member of the curators collective Komplot, Brussels, for several years. Co-founder of mòsso, independent collaborative platform for artistic practices, aiming to set up cooperative international projects that connect Europe with the Global South.

Rosa Spaliviero, was born in Dakar and works and lives mainly in Brussels. She has been coordinating cultural events and developing film and video programming in Brussels, Maputo (Dockanema) and Lubumbashi (Picha Biennale) as a freelancer since 2006. Focused in film and audiovisual forms from Africa, she is also a producer for Atelier Graphoui, an audiovisual production workspace based in Brussels since 2011.

Emilie Wattellier has lived many years in Africa and Asia. From 2008 she was an active member of the Collective Generation Elili, in Brazzaville, as a photographer and as initiator of several projects linked to photography in Africa. She is now based in Brussels.